Sunday, April 22, 2012

Importance of Fashion

      Fashion is exciting, fun, but at time can be a headache. Your first impression is EVERYTHING, but has the fashion world went too far trying to make it look as if you have to dress or look a certain way to get somewhere? Nowadays, because of fashion, youth think that "perfect" is what defines yourself or what they have to do to fit in. Does youth only dress a certain way to please themself or to please the people that they want to associate themselves around? Fashion is kind of what places people into certain cliques like emo, preppy, goth, etc. Some youth believe as if you need to be like everyone around you to be happy. Fashion shouldn’t portray this it should portray individuality and uniqueness. Some icons have used fashion to differentiate themselves from everyone else such as Lady Gaga. What we need to teach the youth is that the challenge in life is not to become perfect, it's accepting that you already are so why not dress to please yourself? Fashion is something that even the shy ones can even have a loud, clear voice for everyone to hear. We all know that youth doesn’t have much of a voice, but fashion gives us the opportunity to be LOUD! You can even design a shirt for certain awareness and use the money to give back. With fashion anything is possible. The way you dress is an easy conversation starter and a way to show who you really are. It’s something that defines you. So why not dress the way you want and get your point across without saying one word?
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Kristina Blume-YAC member

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