Monday, March 8, 2010

Everyone Needs to Care About Kids Graduating from High School!

There’s something exciting going on in our community: more and more people are beginning to realize that making sure that every young person graduates from high school prepared to become a positive, productive citizen is something that we all have to care about.

It not just schools and parents that need to care; so do business leaders, neighborhood activists, media personalities, sports stars, retail store owners, law enforcement, healthcare workers, government officials, and anyone else who want us to have a vibrant, safe, and healthy community.

Maybe we are beginning to genuinely understand that the positive development of young people is the responsibility--not just of some--but of the entire community. That really is exciting!

Listen to what John Brandon, MCCOY's president, had to say on 93 WIBC Saturday March 6, 2010. And here's more of the conversation with Mitch Roob, Secretary of Commerce for the State of Indiana.

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  1. It takes a village.

    Shay Olivarria