Monday, September 9, 2013

Early Intervention & Prevention Update

Stewards of Children
In 2013 MCCOY has trained 594 adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse!!  We are so pleased and excited by all of the organizations that have hosted trainings and all of the parents and other community members that have taken time out of their busy lives to put the safety of children first.  We would love for you to join us at an upcoming Stewards of Children training so that you can better protect the children in your lives. 

We only have a few trainings scheduled through the end of the year, so if your organization is interested in hosting a FREE training contact Shanna today!! 

If you need some convincing, consider these facts: 

•    1 in 10 children are sexually abused. This means realities rather than blind trust should influence our choices regarding children’s safety from sexual abuse.

•    It’s likely that you know an abuser. The greatest risk to children doesn’t come from strangers, but from people we know and trust.

•    More than 80% of sexual abuse incidents happen in isolated, one-one-one situations with a child.

•    People who offend are rarely seen in the act of sexually abusing a child, but they are often seen breaking rules and pressing boundaries.

•    Most child victims never report sexual abuse. 

•    Few reported incidents are false.

To learn more read Darkness to Light’s 5 STEPS TO PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN, contact Shanna Martin at 921-1233, or attend a Stewards of Children training. 

Co-location of Services Center
The Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) Initiative at MCCOY has been in the planning stages for a Co-location of Services center since 2011.  During the initial planning stages we assessed the need, identified Near West as the neighborhood, and learned about several organizations that were interested in co-locating and integrating their services under one roof with other organizations.  Work in 2013 has focused on building partnerships, creating the new 501(c)(3) to own and operate the building, completing the capital campaign feasibility study process, and initiating the collective impact work. 

Near West Early Intervention Collaborative, Inc.:
Near West Early Intervention Collaborative, Inc is officially its own organization. On May 31, 2013 Articles of Incorporation were filed for this new 501(c)(3) organization that will own the building and manage the partners, programs, and services of the center.

MCCOY continues to work with founding partners: Children’s Bureau, Fairbanks, and Midtown Mental Health, to move the project forward.  These organizations are board members of Near West Early Intervention Collaborative; they assist MCCOY in making decisions about the project, and will provide services once the center is developed. 
Additionally, MCCOY has continued to reach out to other potential resident partners who will provide services from the center.  If your organization is interested in being considered as a resident partner, please take some time to complete the Resident Partner application:

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study:
MCCOY has selected Johnson, Grossnickle, and Associates (JGA) to lead the feasibility study for the capital campaign.  The feasibility study was placed on hold for a short period of time to address some partnership issues with a potential founding partner.  The study has since resumed and is anticipated to be completed by mid-December. 

Collective Impact:
Collective impact is a structured process that leads to a shared vision, common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing activities among all partners.  MCCOY is engaging with collective impact consultants John Peirce of Fort Wayne and Patricia Bowie, M.P.H of the Magnolia Place Community Initiative / Magnolia Family Place Center in Los Angeles to create a unique collective impact model for the Near West co-location of services project.  Both John and Patricia will be visiting Indianapolis in September to provide hands-on guidance for successfully creating a collective impact model for the co-location center.  Learn more about the workshop that will be presented and register to attend. 


Efforts are continuing to be made to locate a suitable property for the co-location center. 

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