Friday, July 18, 2014

Youth Face Similar Problems Everywhere

As a recent Philly transplant I’ve noticed a few differences. The people are nicer, the days are longer, and we refer to similar things by different names (i.e. a potluck vs. pitch in). However youth in both cities face similar problems. I’ve been reading the coverage of Arlington High School’s financial problems and that’s a situation I’ve seen play out in Philly year after year. And in both cities youth are excluded from discussions about the problem and solutions. I believe youth should be given a voice to make their opinions known. The choices made at these school board meetings affect their education and their future. Often youth are ignored in decisions that affect them because it’s thought that they don’t know or understand what is best for them. But the outcomes have a large impact on their life and they have a right to be heard.

We’re told as citizens that we need to speak up on issues that affect us. I believe if you want to impart good values it’s best to start young. I came to Indy because MCCOY offered me an opportunity to make a difference with youth. Regardless of location young people face problems and need a way to express their views. They want to talk to those that can help them and MCCOY works to give youth opportunities to be heard.

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